The K9 Express Mobile Grooming

                                   * Currently serving the Park City area  *

Finally you can afford to treat yourself and your canine family members  to the luxury and convenience of Mobile Grooming.

No more stressful, messy car rides. No more long times in the kennel. No more spending the time and  gas to drop off and driving back to pick them up. Give them one on one attention with their groomer without ever needing to leave your driveway. 

An Affordable Convenience

Let US come to YOU!

Puppy Love


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Send us a direct Email through our site, or give us a call, we return voicemails twice a day when we are out on the road, or grooming.

We have 25 years industry experience. We absolutely love what we do and we love pampering our furry friends.

We list our prices here on average to give you an idea where your pet may fall. Prices may vary depending on your pets size and coat condition, and which package you choose.